In 2016, the Veterinary Cancer Society (VCS) announced the creation of research support for residents participating in AVMA-approved training programs to fund hypothesis driven, prospective studies that will require approximately one year to complete. Three grants were funded in 2019, and four in 2020 with approximately $70,000 presented in this most recent year. Each year, VCS has set aside approximately $50,000 in funding. We will fund meritorious grants for any amount within that limit, with a goal of awarding 2-4 grants on a given year.


Any resident participating in an AVMA-approved training program is eligible to apply. Either clinical or basic research projects in the field of veterinary or comparative oncology are eligible for consideration. Resident must be a current member of the Veterinary Cancer Society and remain so for the duration of the trial.


Proposals will be reviewed by a committee comprised of VCS members with expertise in clinical and basic veterinary oncology research.

Specific criteria used in consideration of proposals will include:

  • Potential of the study to enhance existing scientific knowledge in the field of veterinary and/or comparative oncology
  • Relevance of the proposal to existing scientific knowledge
  • Feasibility of the study, including: likelihood of success in achieving study objectives and obtaining publishable results; appropriateness of study design; realistic time frame for completion (e.g., institutional case load for clinical proposals)
  • Adequacy of facility space/infrastructure/equipment, prior research productivity
  • Adequacy of Animal Involvement Justification (Protection/Safety)


Those residents who receive a grant must present their project at a VCS Conference when complete. An abstract must be submitted and if accepted, will be assigned to either a poster or oral presentation.